Flexi-Mesh provides a unique construction material that can act as a second skin for a building, allowing the building to interact with the natural environment.


The architectural mesh skin provides a platform for vegetation to be grown, resulting in a green facade which improves the overall environmental impact of the structure.


As specifiers become increasingly aware of the need to incorporate the built environment with the natural environment, to not only improve the energy efficiency of a building but also the health of its occupants, Flexi-Mesh provides a unique and cost-effective solution that has become widely accepted.


The tensile and corrosion resistance properties of stainless steel architectural cable mesh enable specifiers to design lightweight tensile structures that are unique and elegant.


Our design engineers can assist at any stage through a project, from concept to construction, to tailor or tweak a tensile architectural solution for small and midsize projects.


For large projects, we recommend early stage involvement to ensure structural elements have been correctly incorporated and material selection results in the most cost-effective solution.

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