Flexi-Mesh is used extensively as an elegant architectural material that has safety elements as an integral part of overall performance as a building element.


Recent project uses include:

  1. Safety netting above a glass atrium in a 5-star hotel - the product was used to protect the atrium from items falling from above while remaining completely transparent to the occupants below and allowing maximum light transmission (94%);

  2. Fall protection mesh in a multi-storey open deck car park - the product was used to comply with the Building Code of Australia that results in significant project savings by deleting the need for mechanical ventilation and sprinkler protection;

  3. Security mesh at a local government facility to limit access yet enable maximum light and airflow for occupants.


Flexi-Mesh was used in the above projects due to the products:


  • Tensile strength

  • Korean made stainless steel

  • Relative lightweight construction

  • Ability to span great distances without connecting elements

  • High corrosion resistance and product longevity minimising maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the installation.

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